Breaking Down Defenses (3rd in Breaking Series)*Now available in ebook and print

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Nicole Sturgill By conleyswifey Completed
This is the third in my 'Breaking' Series. Thomas Cooper has lived a hard life since leaving the ranch four years ago. The kind of life that changes a man. Circumstances bring him back to the ranch and to the only family he's ever known and the only woman he has ever loved. Too bad life has long since turned him cold and hardened his heart.
What's happened??? I was up to chapter 11 and now it's only telling me there is only 3 chapters ARGH!!!!!!! I love this series. Please help
so sad...the things he's been through. Nathan's a cutie. :-D
What the heck?! REALLY?! I thought that was just a flashback of Thomas' life! Oh, how wrong I was. That was definitely a shocker!
Hahah I knew this was thomas's story but I wasn't expecting that.
I thought it was Brody cause of the scar, hair, and ranger badge. But no, it was Thomas. That's a shocker.
Man, oh, man, Thomas is in deeper than we thought. All the violence he has been witness to has got to be eating at him? Being a spy? I think Thomas needs to go home, but can he even remember what home is?