Apocalypse (septicplier)

Apocalypse (septicplier)

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Demona By Jackaboy_Markimoo Updated Sep 10


Mark is trying to survive a zombie apocalypse with his group. Few of his friends keep dying like, being bit, killing themselves, or people killing then for food and other stuff you need to survive. One day Mark heard screaming and ran after it, he sees a cute boy his age pinned against a tree with two zombie trying my bite him.

What will Mark do, ran after him a kill the zombies or let then rip him into pieces. Read and find out.

Okay but, my mind is so dirty I can't hear or see the word "pinned" without my mind dropping to the gutter
Nice, this reminds me of the Last of Us, and Mark is Joel.
                              But nice story so far.
Omfg... This is heart broken in the first chapter.. I really liking this so far :3
Garroth321 Garroth321 Sep 05
Mark, their was nothing you could do. It was either both of you or him. He probably would've died anyway. I'm so sorry for your loss.
My mind just informed me that Mark's the only one who is allowed to pin cute guys to trees ((((((((;
you shoud have added cry and make him like darl from the walking ded xP