Hurricane Jones [boyxboy]

Hurricane Jones [boyxboy]

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tylizzle By flawed- Updated Sep 03, 2016

If people were natural disasters, he was a hurricane.

Of course you wouldn't know that by just looking at him with those oceanic blue eyes and that windswept blond hair, looking as if he'd just stumbled off of an island. Maybe he looked like he rode the waves instead of creating them.

But he was a hurricane: destructive and utterly antagonistic.

And I just couldn't get enough.

floatinganchors floatinganchors Sep 09, 2016
god i thought it said i had that morning church in my stomach 
                              like idk where morning came from nor church
mysterious_reader101 mysterious_reader101 Aug 20, 2016
the minds of the dirty minded... └(―_―;)_―;)―;);))┐
wolfs_are_bae wolfs_are_bae May 24, 2016
Yes already hooked I you got me with troye yes *partys in seat* coughs sorry
Nicholasscott Nicholasscott Apr 12, 2016
Your writing is absolutely lovely.  Everything is so real, feels so authentic and concrete.  I'm completely enamored.
RADERBUG0420 RADERBUG0420 May 24, 2016
This kid I know was telling me all these dad jokes and I was laughing and then this kid shows up and he say 'you know his dad's actually dead' and I was like uuhhhh.. What do you say to that
ilanaholland ilanaholland Aug 08, 2016