Hurricane Jones [boyxboy]

Hurricane Jones [boyxboy]

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If people were natural disasters, he was a hurricane.

Of course you wouldn't know that by just looking at him with those oceanic blue eyes and that windswept blond hair, looking as if he'd just stumbled off of an island. Maybe he looked like he rode the waves instead of creating them.

But he was a hurricane: destructive and utterly antagonistic.

And I just couldn't get enough.

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Random fact: I was reading this while walking up the stairs and I tripped.
awhalefromwales awhalefromwales Apr 04, 2017
When you can't relate because you live on the other side of the state....
lowkeylucie lowkeylucie Mar 29, 2017
I-95 in Florida that my parents use to go to work everyday???
lowkeylucie lowkeylucie Mar 29, 2017
I'm dark skinned and I used to have freckles in 3rd-4th grade and I WANT THEM BACK ASAP I'M IN 8TH GRADE AND I NEED THEM NOW PLS
zlafleur zlafleur Mar 06
We once had things in common now the only thing we share is the refrigerator I told you ice cold baby IM ICE COLD !! we out her flying high HIGHHHH come on fly that thing HIGH HIGH we fly alone !!