Property of a Dream Demon (Bill X Reader)

Property of a Dream Demon (Bill X Reader)

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Celine By fandomcrazyguuurl Updated Oct 08

Author's POV 

It was a beautiful Sunday evening.
You were in the forest sitting on a lake.
The warm light of the sun shimmered on the Water.
This lake was your favorite place to go whenever you feelt sad or depressed.
Summer started at the next day and you were going to move away,so you figured why don't enjoy the last hours in (H/T).
You had so many great friends here and you didn't wanted to leave them,but there was nothing you could do about it.
The reason you had to move away was that your parents couldn't pay the price for the house anymore.
As looked up at the sky you started to think about the beautiful memories you made here with your friends and family.
A few tears dropped down from your eyes and you could feel the warm liquid flowing down your cheeks.
You buried your face in you hands and started to cry even more.
Then your phone buzzed and you saw that your mom send you text.

Mom:Where are you swee...

Its a butiful day outside... Birds are singging flowers are calling people idiots... On days like these kids like you... SHOULD BE BURNING IN HELL!!!! oops... Wait this isnt Undertale srry wrong fandom
Her name is Sandwich, she bald, and she has lots of skin colors like...uuuh...snadwich color....a little bit if mayonnaise....and...uuuh...chicken...?
RoxieTheFox RoxieTheFox Jul 01
*drives for a bit**then asks mom* hey mom...
                              "Yah Hun?"
                              Who was that person??? I forgot who they are...
My friend's name is Kyla, she has black hair and dark skin, and sure as hell NEVER CRIES.
Why can't I smuggle my moirail with me?? We'd have a blast.. ;^;
My Friends name is Savannah her hair colour is brown length is long and she pale as hell