Are You Happy?

Are You Happy?

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That black girl By yallnotserious Updated May 25, 2016

"Im falling, so fucking hard; your scent sends my heart throbbing."

"Well then don't fall. Catch yourself."

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Warning: sexual
content, foul language, mild violence.

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true_123 true_123 Jul 21, 2016
Y'all ik this song and I'm just over here like😐😐 "ight so anyone gon say the name of it??"
Cortney668 Cortney668 Apr 08, 2015
I'm black and my son came out with red hair and people at the store act like I'm lying when  I say no his father is black
MarrissaLawson MarrissaLawson Mar 05, 2015
Can she really say that with a straight have at that moment?
xchipotleismylifex xchipotleismylifex Feb 21, 2015
she didn't even have enough swag for herself to pick out her siblings clothes Jesus Christ
ksmiles3 ksmiles3 Feb 03, 2015
I thought i was the only one that still says homeskillet lol
blacdomina blacdomina Jan 10, 2015
People from the Caribbeans use it a lot. It's sorta a signature.