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Trouble (A Justin Bieber Werewolf Story)

Trouble (A Justin Bieber Werewolf Story)

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Chris By kdrewwks Updated Apr 06, 2015

Everything is not what it seems. When Kala meets Justin Bieber, she feels different, something pulling her toward him. He feels it to. Ryan and Chaz are here on the tour with Justin helping him with whats going on. He has no idea whats happening and his mom is acting weird. When his dad comes to visit everything changes.

- - Aug 28, 2016
I would act the same tho I'm so scared of spiders unless they are small and by small i mean like a dot
Qvadbreanna Qvadbreanna May 08, 2015
All celebrities go to cali for fuckingg tours and I hate that they never come close to Greenville
FruityPebblez FruityPebblez Dec 22, 2014
justin bieber is coming to californa and penn wants me to go to the concert with her
ObelieberO ObelieberO Jun 11, 2014
$80 ?? I paid $300 for an a reserve ticket, then if I got a back stage pass, it would have been $300 more
hailey_33 hailey_33 Apr 06, 2014
I read a book like this and it's called dirty little secret check it out
NSW_Pure NSW_Pure Apr 05, 2014
I like the one with Ryan and the spider! I'm still laughing. :'D