Fighting For Your Love ~L x Reader x Light~

Fighting For Your Love ~L x Reader x Light~

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F/N L/N is just like L, she is an enigma. She is one of the most powerful detectives in the world, she is known as M, and no one knows her real name. She used to work on cases with L all the time. They were the ultimate team of detectives. But when she got called for a few cases in France and America, she disappeared for a while.

But what will happen when L contacts her and asks her to help with the Kira case? 

《 L x Reader x Light 》

MikeKuskie MikeKuskie Aug 11
I call him Law because he is a detective that works for the law and his name has the word law in it, also law starts with a L. So I think it's the perfect nickname!
Lol I like how in my other L x reader x Light your alphabet name was M, plus I love M because of a little cuteb white fox by the name of Mangle 😊 #FNAFLIFE
_Kyrakat_ _Kyrakat_ Aug 27
Man it's strange to read deathnote fanfiction since my name is Kyra (pronounced the same way as Kira)
sheezusx2 sheezusx2 Nov 30, 2016
This story seems really great so far!
                              However, just this one thing is bothering me, and I feel like a jerk for pointing this out, but L's last name is Lawliet, not his first name. :/
ya know... i read the discripiton and when it said the nick name was M.... My real name starts with m... ironic
ouranhigh19 ouranhigh19 Dec 30, 2016
THERE NECKS ARE LOOOOOONG!(oh gosh, i can already here the dirty thought coming.........)