Temporarily Yours

Temporarily Yours

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Caroline Boyer can never seem to find her place in this world. Whether it be a career or one single job, nothing ever works. She ends up either quitting on her own or getting fired. Worse yet, her bosses always try to pursue a romantic relationship with her once she's done. 

Losing sight of her path in life, she finally comes along something she's good at- working with children. With that gift very few possess, she becomes a nanny to Luke Bryan's two sons and his nephew. 

Join Caroline on the adventure of her lifetime as she endures a true test of love, patience, and triumph.

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QueenieDxx QueenieDxx Dec 14, 2017
Love it! I just want to give Luke a hug and make him sit on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa...he needs a rest bless him ❤
nainarea nainarea Jul 02, 2017
I like the way you put the stories together, its nice to read and doesn't bring a spin to my head
BKirila BKirila Jan 17, 2016
I think Til's just in a bad mood. Clever how her company name is Temporarily Yours
dbkugirl dbkugirl Dec 28, 2015
Love it!! I think it'll be interesting to see how Til will be....I have a feeling he'll be protective of Luke. Lol
MeganSmith348 MeganSmith348 Nov 26, 2015
This is so perfect. I think the kids will try to run her off. They will start liking each other
cedull cedull Nov 26, 2015
I love it so much, I wonder if the kids will try anything to run her off? I don think she will stand for much trouble. How long before feelings begin to form?!! Super excited about this one.