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Once Upon A Sleepover

Once Upon A Sleepover

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_ta_mia_ By blue698 Completed

What do you get when you add a hard headed, straight A student and a carefree hot headed bad boy?

It's simple.
Tara is your typical adorable smart ass, who depends on her sarcastic fiesty comebacks as a weapon to survive high school.
But one day instead of saving her, this weapon marks the beginning of a life changing journey on the wrong side of teenage society.
Shit hits the gigantic fan when Dallas has to stay at her place for a few weeks and although she feels like ripping his throat out most of the time, her automatic determination to befriend him takes over.This brings about a certain discomfort to her little world of books and big dreams.
Will she be able to handle his ugly attitude and the series of drama that follow him.....Or will a new Tara be unleashed in the process and possibly a new romance?
  "Opposites are complementary not contradictory."
   Note* This book has explicit content, so watch your own. xx.

Taehyungs_Beotch Taehyungs_Beotch Mar 25, 2016
Why dont you point out anything more obvious like that he a boy
Evelinejennings Evelinejennings Mar 02, 2016
This is really good. one thing I would say is that you may want to edit it: you wrote would twice.
Pranomita Pranomita Dec 28, 2016
😨 Biology?!
                              In our class everyone hates that subject😂😂
                              Me too
                              Physics is life😆😀😘
Taehyungs_Beotch Taehyungs_Beotch Mar 25, 2016
I think thats dramatic darling. Im pretty sure he wasnt molded by satan calm your tits
AmeliaThornhill AmeliaThornhill Oct 06, 2016
Why did he apologize to her? She was going at it too. To be honest, I really read third person but it is good so I'll keep on lol
Taehyungs_Beotch Taehyungs_Beotch Jan 20, 2016
Mind ur own girl its his choice we all have a freedom to do whatever we want