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Exscape (Meliodas X Reader)

Exscape (Meliodas X Reader)

31.3K Reads 1K Votes 9 Part Story
Scarred By ImTheDepressed Completed

This story is about you and your sister Elizabeth sneaking out of the capital and finding the Seven deadly sins. You and your sister fit into a suit of armor to disguise yourself from being know. Enjoy :-D

cherishkm14 cherishkm14 Nov 25, 2016
Sorry for correcting you but he snapped and the pig it named 'Hawk'.
PrezidintPaul PrezidintPaul Aug 20, 2016
Roses are red
                              Thorns are prickly 
                              Might I say
                              That escalated quickly 😂😂
black_163 black_163 Sep 09, 2016
-.- grammar nassis everywhere 
                              I don't even know how to spell nassis XD
Rosy_Spiritlily Rosy_Spiritlily Aug 26, 2016
i'm small so i would be able to fit in the leg/thigh area XD
black_163 black_163 Sep 09, 2016
-.- in the manga it says hock so please stop doing that it's just a tiny error from the author of the manga or the anime :/
Marksfabulousbutt Marksfabulousbutt Aug 30, 2016
*sitting in room undercovers, only in a shirt and underwear reading this*
                              I'm so comfortaboe.. it's 12 at night I should be sleeping.