My Raven Angel (Dark Pit X Reader)

My Raven Angel (Dark Pit X Reader)

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Dani By IDAMLOL Updated Aug 12

You are a new angel at Skyworld. At first the temple is quite boring, but what happens when you know a certain dark angel?

This story is how your life changes with this angel in it.

Warning! It's a cheesy fic! ;) Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the  Kid Icarus Uprising characters, nor the pictures.

I died multiple times while reading this... thank you for making my day...
rosse40633 rosse40633 Jan 23
My actual reaction to being woke up. It'll cause you a death sentence.
NaeNaeSpongebob NaeNaeSpongebob Nov 25, 2015
I feel like they/we treat Pit like dirt... I love Pit; in a friend way though... I do t like to see him be slapped in the face... But it's just my opinion