My Raven Angel (Dark Pit X Reader)

My Raven Angel (Dark Pit X Reader)

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Dani By IDAMLOL Updated Mar 29

You are a new angel at Skyworld. At first the temple is quite boring, but what happens when you know a certain dark angel?

This story is how your life changes with this angel in it.

Warning! It's a cheesy fic! ;) Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the  Kid Icarus Uprising characters, nor the pictures.

You know some ppl sleep naked, imagine Pit's surprise when he walks in and gets a face full of a$$
Why would you kiss him on the cheek!? You are dating Dark Pit!? O.o
Colliebug Colliebug Sep 10
Yeah but I am still going to kill her as saying not for real
Galactic_Blueburry Galactic_Blueburry Dec 19, 2016
                              Reader-chan: *runs away*😲😣
571rl1n9173 571rl1n9173 Jan 06
Wait... ._. Wasn't she at work?! She's totally fired when she comes back aka. My fave word of all time KARMA