My Raven Angel (Dark Pit X Reader)

My Raven Angel (Dark Pit X Reader)

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Dani By IDAMLOL Updated Dec 04, 2017

You are a new angel at Lady Palutena's service. At first the temple is quite boring, but what happens when you know a certain dark angel?

It is the same for him. His life wasn't that much of an adventure, but everything changed the day he went to Palutena's temple and found you.

Two angels, opposite to each other, tied by destiny.

This story is how their lives change with each other in it.

Warning! It's a cheesy fic! ;) Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the  Kid Icarus Uprising characters, nor the pictures.

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UnknownAuthor707 UnknownAuthor707 Dec 25, 2017
Yup because love is in the air. Literally, they are angels after all!!!
Raven_Hunter31 Raven_Hunter31 Nov 25, 2017
Hey i've got a little question..could someone please explain dark pits charakter ? I'm writing an fanfiction and well..i cant even assess his character...he lookes like a tough guy the inside he is some kind of cute and..ahh..I don't know hope someone can help. Thanks
UnknownAuthor707 UnknownAuthor707 Dec 25, 2017
I am always confused by that phase a good kisser! Like how would you know what a good kiss was if it was your first one??? Maybe I don't understand because I have never kissed before.
Germanyhetalia1 Germanyhetalia1 Jul 08, 2017
You know some ppl sleep naked, imagine Pit's surprise when he walks in and gets a face full of a$$
UnknownAuthor707 UnknownAuthor707 Dec 25, 2017
Pit the cupid!!! Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match find me a find catch me a catch- Fiddler on the Roof. That is a fantastic movie by the way. If you haven't seen it you should watch it.
Galactic_Blueburry Galactic_Blueburry Dec 19, 2016
                              Reader-chan: *runs away*😲😣