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Undertale: Sans x Reader

Undertale: Sans x Reader

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Allygagne4708 By Allygagne4708 Completed

A girl is told about the myth of Mt.Ebot and ends up going to the mountain to investigate it herself. She ends up falling into the monsters home. With out expecting it, she ends up making friends and she finds someone who she has stronger feelings for.

My name in this book is Neko. I know, I know, weird name but it suits me bc I meow like a cat every day
fox_lover050 fox_lover050 Dec 27, 2016
1) burn Flowey. Burn.
                              2) if my friend told me to go up a mountain she would sooooo be coming with me.
                              3) wondering what chapter Sans comes in? Loves Sans.
At first I thought It said Angelica and I was like "YOU WILL NEVER BE SATIFIEEEEED I WILL NEVER BE SATISFIEEEEEEEED" (hamilton reference if ya didn't know)
KristenITC KristenITC Nov 29, 2016
Don't you 'child' me, just shut yo dum dum bubble gum lookin a$$ the fvck up.
Leaf me alone you demonic dandelion. I just want to go, maybe make some friends, help a monster here and there, ya know, that stuff. Now where's my bike so I can petal as fast as I can away from here.
Wait so you haven't seen a talking flower before? You must be living under a rock then.