Peace with the hunters?? On Hold (Sequel to My Puppy Is A Werewolf!!??)

Peace with the hunters?? On Hold (Sequel to My Puppy Is A Werewolf!!??)

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CFdone15 By TSdone15 Updated Nov 08, 2016

(Sequel to My Puppy Is A Werewolf??!!) If you haven't read the first one, don't read this one!

Troy is now grown up to a be a strong seventeen year old, but what he doesn't know is that his parents and Shila have taken Stacy away from him when he was a one year old. He knows something is missing in his life and can't wait till he finds his mate. All he remembers are a pair of beautiful green eyes and soft skin beneath his fingers. His wolf constantly whimpers at the loss of her, but his parents think it was best.

Now on his seventeenth birthday, Stacy finally comes home. She too has been missing him and when they see each other at his party, everything returns and love is in the air. Troy is furious with his parents for letting this happen but can not be angry at them now. Even worse is that he has to become alpha and he doesn't think he's ready. He and Stacy are the keys to peace with the hunters but they will first have to take down the King Hunter who had brainwashed all the others.

Join them on their journey through, peace, drama, love and justice.

"Stacy...oh god it's you."

Can I please date Troy maybe ?😂🤷‍♀️😅 
                              Oh and btw I LOVE YOU AND YOUR STORIES *jumps on furniture and throws a party*
fairymarylj fairymarylj Jul 14
Turns into my black wolf pup whines im so happy howls with excitment
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I'm back and I love this chapter!!!! Surely being this good at writing is bad for you!!! ;)
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Awkwars twist much. I'M GONNA KILL U @ScarletTemptress14. JUST KIDDING! LMAO.
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put words of a werewolf on a price of paper , and I'll be in my too for days on end reading!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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Omggg yayayayaayyayaayyaa! Yassss ! How about you just update every single day lol jk