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Cesar Vitale By CesarVitale Completed

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Eve's a vegan zombie, and she really doesn't care what you think of it, so shush it. All she wants is to get by and find some pigeons or a fat rat - anything without a name she can eat before she starves to death in What's-Left-of-Los-Angeles, California. Because I don't care what you say, she's NOT eating humans. It's gross.
  Levon's weird and has a funny voice. Or maybe it just sounds funny when he hears it. Everyone's voice is funny when they hear it recorded, right? Anyway, he's like one of the only people who haven't turned into a zombie since the outbreak, and even he has no idea how that happened. He thinks it's gross to eat people too. But he also thinks it's gross to eat pigeons and rats, so there's that.
  And now that they've found each other in the wasteland, Levon's plan is to carry Eve with him across the country to the army shelter in New York that totally exists and will save them both. Eve's plan is keep her eyes from rolling into her skull every time Levon opens his mouth.

I CRACKED UP AT THE "say good morning to Jeff" PART AND IDK WHY
kyleighh44 kyleighh44 5 days ago
" that its a demon a dancing demo no something isn't right there, I've got a theory some kid is dreaming and we're all suck inside his wacky broadway nightmare "
floddle floddle 19 hours ago
"and then my life flashed before my eyes and it all went black"
Eulked Eulked 2 days ago
Omg can everyone shut up I'm trying to read there's comments on every paragraph 😂
I just made an ugly snort noise at this😂😂😂 I can't I love this book already