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It was suppose to be a dare (Seventeen SoonHoon Fanfic)

It was suppose to be a dare (Seventeen SoonHoon Fanfic)

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Fxck By AestheticPlayboy Completed

"It was suppose to be a dare.. They told me to do it as a prank but.. why am I suddenly getting this weird feeling? Like, I don't want to be away from you even for 1 second.. and I hate it if you talk to anyone else"

"They told you it was suppose to be a joke, that you didn't really mean it but if that's true.. then why are you glaring at me everytime I talk to someone else? You're even following me everywhere I go.."

"Am I/Are you jealous?"

xsoufelis69 xsoufelis69 Mar 12
More like 
                              Friend:hey what's up?
                              Me: not the sun it's too fuking early
Bitch he aint bad at all 👌🏼😩 HE FINE AS HELL-- but violent be careful 🌚🤧🤣🤣🤣🤣
chaneiol chaneiol Jan 12
Omg when people ask me that I always answer with poking there forehead then saying; Nothing is up there so why are you even asking? 
                              I hope you guys know what I intend to say by that since my friends never do. Which makes my statement a true fact; they don't have a brain xD
chaneiol chaneiol Jan 12
*walks in the room with Jimin's jams and Woozi's guitar in my hands* 
                              - Hey guys i found the jams and brought the guita------------------
                              *sees the current scene and drops the things* 
                              - J-jisoo w-where is your holy w-water?
chaneiol chaneiol Jan 12
Find your chill like Jimin needs to find his jams
                              pls don't hurt me.....
MissMoonlight18 MissMoonlight18 Dec 26, 2016
Ohhh "the ceiling" is also my reply if someone asking what's up 😂