Deadly Rosdales

Deadly Rosdales

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Evelyne L.C Pun By PinkReader01 Updated Oct 03

They were feared, arrogant, selfish and never took heed to stupid advice or warning from anyone. They always carry weapons and don't hesitate to use them. Those merciless guys are famous around town, not only for their skills and high auras, but for their good looks as well. 
They were the Rosdale brothers.

When May Haskins moved to a completely new country due to a traumatic event, she didn't think that life could get any worse. 

There are more to lose in life- and that's what she learnt when she thought she had lost it all.

Tattoos, piercings, well defined abs and perfect face with mesmerising eyes. Will she be able to survive the Rosdales? 

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anaveragewriter123 anaveragewriter123 Apr 07, 2017
The ones she's gonna fall in love with because he was the one who stayed quiet at the table 😂
anaveragewriter123 anaveragewriter123 Apr 07, 2017
Dimples will be the death of me... that and English, Australian or Spanish accents 😂
CaitlynFolsum CaitlynFolsum Aug 16, 2017
Finally someone that uploads a picture of the house that they are staying in
kaitlyn1139 kaitlyn1139 Aug 08, 2016
So your parents die from a plane crash and the police go "hey let's ship her over to American on a plane. Not like there's any irony to that"...IK it's a better choice than going by ship and all...just couldn't get passed the irony
lana_del_reyyyyyy lana_del_reyyyyyy Jan 05, 2017
I dont get why dimples are considered sexy or cute tbh they are just holes in your body lmao
aimezmoitaehyung aimezmoitaehyung Jan 16, 2017
i know i'm weird but i actually love moving, like far away. even tho it's sad, i still like it idk why