ANGEL #newadult  🔞 #KISAwards2017 Mature content.

ANGEL #newadult 🔞 #KISAwards2017 Mature content.

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The-undiscovered-one By The-undiscovered-one Completed

That's my name by the way.
Don't worry.  If your not sniggering yet, you will be soon.

I spent my entirety of my teenage years entrapped in a residential school
My parents had great expectations of me and  I guess they thought sending
 me to a strict all girl school, where etiquette had its own hourly slot three 
times a week. Would clean up my foul mouth and tighten my lose lips.

I hated it!

That was until Kirsty came into my life, and I discovered the benefits
Of having an all boys school backing onto our school playing field.
I was coming on for eighteen then.  So I was an angel in some respects.
Until Annalise, Brett and Ethan happened.

I remained an angel in Ethan's eyes. 'My Angel' he would call me.
Even if that was the most unlikely description that anyone else would give of me.
That was until I found myself falling to sleep on a tear soaked pillow every night.
Dreaming of re-capturing that position. I fell in love with Ethan.  Yep, a few days 
after having my first male on female sexual experience, I feel head over feet.
He fell for me too. We just never admitted it to each other.

And that's where our problems began!
If I've learnt one thing about love, it's that if you feel something, then say it. 
Don't wait for someone else to say it first! I know that now, but not without 
learning the hard way. And that's what had Ethan getting some cheap, shitty 
band of commitment, etched round his ring finger, and the ever nearing sound 
of wedding bells looming over his head. And had me hurtling into self destruct mode.
Desperate to win him back. Only. I wouldn't say, in the most Angelic way.

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hondjesfanaat hondjesfanaat Dec 19, 2016
Going home in weekends and staying somewhere else is he'll xd I've been there
heyyitschlo heyyitschlo Mar 10, 2016
This chapter was a good one to start off the book because of how  it told briefly what the book is about and the main character's innocence until she meets that one girl who shows her something new. *wink wink* I like it!
xox_kai_xox xox_kai_xox Oct 05, 2016
Pause......she did not just say that 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
- - Feb 18, 2016
Very enticing beginning.  A hint of erotic things to come. Well done.
ShakiraMacc ShakiraMacc Mar 18, 2016
Well this chapter was great lots of details so I wasn't confused and I know what the book is about. The girl on girl scene was hot asf even tho I'm straight as a pencil lol but overall it's was great
authornene authornene Mar 11, 2016
Thumbs up to angel for being a 20 year old virgin. The scene with the girl was pretty hot and the scene with the girl the caught with her butr sticking out of the fence was pretty funny. Now that she had left I wonder what is in store for her