Only light (Mika X Reader)

Only light (Mika X Reader)

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Em By kuramika Updated Jul 28, 2016

You are a noble vampire who was turned by no other than Lest Karr. You were only 15 at the time but you lived off of his blood until you turned 18. 
After becoming a strong noble, they sent you to Japan to assist Krul Tepes. That is where you became good friends with her and met her vampire Mika.

-I do not own any of the characters, lines, pictures , or plot from Owari no seraph. 

-since I'm using some content from absolute duo, I also would like to say I do now own anything from there either.

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Puga-chan- Puga-chan- May 07
Is she actually 18 years old or does she only have the appearance of an 18-year-old. I mean… Did she just recently become a vampire or has she been one for a longer time? (For example: in 2001 she turned into a full vampire and now it's 2020, but she still looks like 18. You know what I mean?)
AniaAmy AniaAmy Mar 30
Holy balls! 
                              I've always been uaing Julie's uniform os my ONS OCs 🐙🍮
kitty-neko kitty-neko Jul 04
That moment when someone says my twice you automatically know their a pervert
WingedLiner WingedLiner Feb 04, 2016
Krul's just like, " he's a pain in the ass but you know, I love him." Lol.
MyLightForMidnight MyLightForMidnight Oct 23, 2016
I feel like the idea of spikes came from Crowley since when he let his sword drink his blood spikes would pierce through his skin.I'm such a owari no seraph fan that i remember every detail and backstory of the characters XD I'm filthy
Okomaru-Ayu Okomaru-Ayu Jul 30, 2016
Yup, definitely already read this story. *Cries* And I thought I found a new one. ;-;