Daddy's Kitten. H.S

Daddy's Kitten. H.S

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victoria By AlexandriaHoran3 Updated Jul 27, 2016

"Brooke , get ready!" My mom screamed. 

"What now?" 

"Your dad's boss is coming." She replied.

Great. My dad has a new boss since his old boss , Mrs.Taylor retired. What a nice women , she had good food too. 

I picked out a light blue dress that go up to my mid thys. I let my natural brown waves down for today. And I put mascara so my green/blue eyes can pop out. For the final touch I put...... on my shoes. I hope white laced sandels will do.

"Ahh there she is. Brooke , meet Mr.Styles , my new boss." My dad spoke. 

"Hey." I chuckled.

"Brooke , please say something than hey." My mom blurted. 

I laughed so hard. "Okay , nice suit???" 

I looked up at Mr.Styles face and to see he was pleased with something. My dad looked disappointed but he always is.

We sat in the dining room where dinner was getting severed. Fish and corn.

Not my mom's best and I hate fish and corn so guess who's not eating?

"Where's your restroom?" Mr.Styles blurted out and disrupted my thoughts. 

"Brooke ,...

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NinaPoku-kwateng NinaPoku-kwateng Jun 12, 2017
I literally didn't get it at first then I thought about it 😂😂😂
readandwrite64 readandwrite64 May 09, 2017
I didn't get that until you said that only dirty minded people we get back
RoseDuneFille RoseDuneFille May 14, 2017
Honestly if you didn't get it before you even read it then I want your innocence
Favsong12 Favsong12 Jun 13, 2017
Am I the only one that doesn't get it and I'm 17 years old and not a virgin I have no life oh my goodness
PsycheLove123 PsycheLove123 Nov 11, 2017
StunningStyles28 StunningStyles28 Aug 13, 2016
Lord please help me and my overly sexy imagination, for I have sinned more than probably a million times on Wattpad. It's getting so bad that even normal things sound dirty. 🙏🏻