Learning to Act [Destiel AU]

Learning to Act [Destiel AU]

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sammy By PentagramsAndPlaid Updated Mar 20, 2016

Having grown up under the care of his older brothers, Castiel Novak never truly got the chance to learn the regular, everyday things a child learns. He never learnt how to ride a bike, never learnt how to swim, to cook, to dance. 

When Castiel auditions for a role in a teen gay romance movie and lands the part, he finds himself slowly bonding with the actor of his character's lover, Dean Winchester, and accidentally lets slip about his uneducated childhood. 

Dean decides to make it his goal to teach Castiel all the things he missed out on as a child by the time they're done filming the movie. What he doesn't count on, is unknowingly teaching his co-star how to fall in love.

Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural nor any of the characters in this story, they of course belong to the creators of the TV show.

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