Homewrecker (18+)

Homewrecker (18+)

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Madelyn Waters is what you would least expect for only being seventeen-years-old. With a secret manipulative ability, as well as being charismatic, seductive and extremely promiscuous, she finds herself lost in a never-ending infatuation with older men, and sex in general. 

Masked by her own mental issues is an intense determination to be treated roughly by men, and sexualized for her body. She finds pleasure in such profanities, refusing to settle for a simple, immature high school boy, albeit her young age. 

All of that stays in tact until her eyes fall upon a man with a daughter near her age, one in which she befriends to get closer to her main goal. She is willing to test her morals to no extent in order to have this man, while obliviously discovering that buried deep within her soul is a girl who simply wants to be loved. She learns of love, rejection, and most of all- she discovers herself- while, of course, igniting an illicit and adulterous affair. 

[also, this story might/will suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i warned you!!!!!]

  • adultery
  • agegap
  • forbidden
  • friendsfather
  • highschool
  • homewrecker
  • illicit
  • infatuation
  • lolita
  • newadult
  • older
  • olderman
  • romance
  • seductive
  • sexual
  • teenager
  • unrequited
  • wattys
Pen-Sage Pen-Sage Jun 29, 2017
25! But i love your style, im enthralled everytime i read your work.  Keep it up!
amazingdoctor amazingdoctor Jun 22, 2017
I am 3 years old i found  my mom's phone on the counter and picked it up and it was a bit of a struggle but i got through and found this story on her phone so i started  reading hope it has teddy bear and cute dogs cant wait to tell my by friends this story i found.
K-princess K-princess Oct 27, 2017
Everybody here is like 14, 16, 17....and am here  20 yrs old gng to be 21 now in a few months 😅😅😅.... god I feel so elderly over here 🤣🤣..
                              Hello Children 😁😁😁
i_have_ur_chocolate i_have_ur_chocolate Apr 22, 2017
I have an unhealthy addiction to forbidden fruit and age gaps so I'm going to love this story
Curly_Locks682 Curly_Locks682 Apr 09, 2017
I love this book soooo freaking much I read it over like 4 Times((:
apotato34 apotato34 May 28, 2017
Hon I've read books were hairy styles falls in love with his sock and murders anyone who tries to look at it on this site don't worry my eyes have already been corrupted