Darkness Within(A Loki Love Story) Book 1 in Darkness Series

Darkness Within(A Loki Love Story) Book 1 in Darkness Series

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How do you forgive yourself from a treacherous past? How do you find it within yourself to move on from darkness so engulfing, it suffocates you to no end? 

Christine is a beloved, yet, mysteriously talented princess of a distant world known as Medina; the northern most star of the Asgardian realm. Her life is lavish, extravagant, and seemingly perfect. However, a dark past haunts her dreams as she comes of age to become queen of her land.

What is even more haunting is the unexpected arrival of a strange man from Asgard, known as the God of Mischief, whom comes bearing his own twisted story. Much to her surprise, she finds the visitor enrapturing, despite the fact that she knows nothing of him. As her horrific inner struggles come to light and collide with his own, they find themselves leaning onto each other for strength. And eventually, love.

But what happens when Christine is forced to make a choice? A choice of sacrifice that will more than likely cause her to lose the one person whom she has come to adore more than any other. LOKI.

This is book one of four in my Darkness Series. Books are thus titled:
Book 2-Darkness Revealed
Book 3-Darkness Vanquished
Book 4-Overcoming the Darkness 

I do not own the Marvel characters such as Loki, Odin, Thor, Frigga, etc.
I do, however, claim the remainder of the cast, as well as the plot and storyline. 

This story has replayed in my dreams for so long. I created the world with which it takes place all from scratch, so I hope that as you enter in, you find it as fascinating as I do. As are all of the other worlds created by so many incredible authors, there are many deep secrets, mysterious characters, and hidden messages lurking all throughout my own. 

You may find the first two chapters a little slow, but I promise you it picks up pace. This is a rather long book because the chapters contain a lot of exciting detail, but I hope you read on. It will not leave you disappointed, I promise! 

Enjoy my beloved Loki Lovers!

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mottoisYOLO mottoisYOLO Jun 23, 2017
I haven't even finished the first chapter and I can tell I will be loving it!!!
kcris1017 kcris1017 Feb 01, 2016
Thank you so so much!!! I am so honored that my story brings you excitement!!! Thank you for the vote!!!!
LokiLefisent LokiLefisent Aug 02, 2016
Ok I am hoping this is good or you will face the consequences of Asgaurd law
Ohsnapitsemily Ohsnapitsemily Feb 01, 2016
I really like the beginning! So much mystery and pain. I can't wait to find out what happened in the past and how the story progresses :)
violentdesire violentdesire Jul 28, 2016
This was beautifully written, can't wait to get into this story🌟 
                              keep up the good work😂🌟x
AnkhGoddess AnkhGoddess Aug 22, 2016
You have very pretty descriptions. I also enjoyed how you began the story with the view of the mountain.