New Horizons: A Zalfie Fanfic

New Horizons: A Zalfie Fanfic

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Sophie By shippingyou Updated Jun 23, 2013

Hello everyone.. 

This is my attempt at a 'Zalfie' Fanfic, because you know who doesn't ship Zalfie right? I'm not very creative, so let's just see how this pans out.

I hope you like it!


Park Plaza Riverbank Hotel, London. 6:37pm

"Baby just shout it out, shout it out. Shout it out, yeah. And if you oooooh, you want me tooooo" An excited Alfie Deyes 'sung' whilst taking a invigorating shower in prep for the evenings YouTuber Party.

"Oh wow, just wow." Marcus chuckled whilst simultaneously shaking his head at Alfie's breaking voice.

Marcus paid attention to his signature quiff, catching Alfie in the mirror walking by with just a towel around his waist still singing away. "Oi, I actually think you could be the the sixth member of One Direction." Marcus mocked.

"Hell yeah I could!" Alfie said as he turned up the volume of his music, singing louder than it.

"Alf turn that down man you'll get us kicked out the hotel!" Marcus chuckled which just encouraged Alfie f...

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chosenfamily chosenfamily Jan 12, 2016
How do u get a book mark so u don't always have to flip through all the chapters until u get to where ur up to
PaigeClark466 PaigeClark466 Dec 16, 2015
I have only read the first chapter and i still cant wait to read more <3
yogitheyogaball yogitheyogaball May 28, 2015
This book has high expectations for me as I ABSOLUTELY love zalfie so if this book is rubbish I will be very upset