Roommate 2 « jb x ag [Completed] ✔

Roommate 2 « jb x ag [Completed] ✔

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[Book Two]

Sequel to 'Roommate'

Masterpiece cover by: @moonliightangel

Me: Hey now we can talk this out like reasonable adults
                              *gets glares from Justin and Ariana*
                              Me:no.....ok then.....
                              *runs for my life so i dont die*
Ummm.....knock knock.....oh somebody's at the door gotta zayn
moonlitjarianaa moonlitjarianaa 5 days ago
But Justin it's her stomach and she is go through the pain
                              Not uuuuu
jerryianagrande jerryianagrande Oct 24, 2016
Don't do that if you don't want a kid. That simple. Use a dildo if you're that horny
arianaswriter arianaswriter Aug 27, 2016
I found it funny but it was good 😂 sorry I know it's not funny
-bemybaby -bemybaby Jan 03, 2016
Don't think that's going to work...not with my obsessive self