A to Z

A to Z

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Won't Comb My Hair By WontCombMyHair Updated Jul 30, 2016


Still carrying the small A5 book, I edged towards my front door and opened it. And there he stood, wet hair plastered to his head and dripping clothes clinging to his body. 

He stepped into the house and out of the rain so suddenly, I took a step back. He grabbed my waist and my neck, drew me towards him and silenced me with his cold, wet lips. 

I didn't hesitate or pull away and as I wound my arms around his neck, the A to Z clattered and dropped to the floor, laying at our feet.

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MClementine MClementine Jun 13, 2017
I wish I was a pizza. But you know, I'd be the gross one none likes. 😅
- - Jul 29, 2016
A book thrown at a guys head wouldn't make him fall over by the force of the impact. Especially if it is a book thrown by a girl. Guys have to literally be tackled to be knocked over. A book however heavy is not heavy enough for a person to collapse.
likegasoline likegasoline May 20, 2015
i would be lying if i said i've never said something like this to my best friend lmao
daringlizzie775 daringlizzie775 Feb 01, 2014
I think that this a really good book so far, I love the characters and I can totally relate to Zoe.
inkblotch101 inkblotch101 Jan 14, 2014
I think this story is going to be awesome! *Rubs hands like in glee like a mad scientist* :P! On a serious note I think your style is amazing and I already love the characters!
- - Dec 14, 2013
This looks really interesting so I am gonna give it a shot. 
                              I would like to say what drew me in was the way u did the summary I can tell u already a good writer with a wide imagination 
                              Ur fan Sarah