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" covers from an amateur cover maker "

[ disclaimer: all resources used are not mine. they all come from deviantart, google, weheartit, and pinterest. your cover may take time so please be patient when waiting for your cover. ]

i use superimpose [ editing ], polarr [ filters ], and phonto [ text ].

#382 in Random

Title: Born to Die
                              author: Ezmer15garcia
                              Genre: Fantasy
                              Mood: dark and sad
                              Cast: Emily Rud. Or any girl with black hair
                              Password: Twilight
                              I hope that's enough. You can ask me for more information if it's not :)
Title: Join Saranghae Graphics
                              Author: (there isn't one really)
                              Genre: Random
                              Subtitle: A graphic group for all graphic designers
                              Mood: Happy, love, romantic
                              Cast: Meng Jia
Title: On Purpose 
                              Author: savannahjonesss
                              Genre: fan fiction
                              Mood: dramatic 
                              Cast: Kelli Berglund and Zayn Malik
                              Password: Twilight 
                              Thank you:)
Title: A Beginner's Guide To: Suicide
                              Genre: Short Story
                              Summary: ( this is not promoting suicide or anything like that) There are rules when trying to kill yourself. It will go over those rules. But there is a twist in the end. 
                              No subtitle 
                              Author: Alex D.
                              Mood: Dark 
                              No celebrities
                              Payment: 2&4
Title: Karma Ain't A BITCH 
                              Author: Shimmering _colors 
                              Genre: Teen Fiction 
                              Mood: happy and dramatic 
                              Cast: Barbara Palvin and Francisco lachowski 
                              Password: Twilight
                              Hope that's cool. If you are comfortable if i pm you the pics links then do tell me. Thank you
sfalovto sfalovto 6 hours ago
Title : Before i die
                              Author: sfalovto
                              Genre: teen fiction
                              Mood: sad and dramatic
                              Cast: anna sophia robb and manu rios.