Something More (Blake Boys Fanfic)

Something More (Blake Boys Fanfic)

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Kim Tae Hyung By Skittles_Pikachu Completed

I walked into the Victorian/Modern  style 2 story house and saw that alot of things have changed. The piano has been moved to what used to be the dining room, the kitchen is pretty much the same but a bar at the end, and there where no pictures of dad anywhere in the house.

I looked out of the large living room window to see a glistening teal lake with the reflection of the moon bouncing off of each wave. I looked back in to the fire place as the flames crackled and popped and the two lonley stockings hung over it being sure not to get burnt. The TV was playing Judge Judy as my mom was just sitting down with a remote and popcorn. She loves popcorn and criminal type shows so I guess that's where I got it from.

A weird feeling came over me as I walked up the white carpeted stairs. It was eerily weird about this. I have not been in this house since I was 8 and it still had the feeling as though it was still the same. I had reached the top of the stairs onto a platform that had 4 doors. ...

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