You & I (Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello)

You & I (Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello)

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Guy I know this has nothing to do with Shawn and Camila but I'm writing a book about my really messed up life. It would mean a lot if you read it. It's called 'Please Help' 

Everything that it wrote on there actually happened to me. 

Camila's POV

"But mom I don't even know him and he apparently doesn't know me! Why can't I not go with you to London!" I still don't under stand why my mom wants me to spend one month with my dad when he doesn't even know I exists. I he wanted to know about me he would have called , but he didn't. And never does. 

"Because you need to meet him. Also because this is a one time thing Cams I can't say no to this." My mom says putting her soft hands on my shoulders. I roll my eyes at her and laugh. "Mom I can't just go to his apartment and be like 'hey your a world wide pro football player and I'm your daughter! It's really nice to meet you!" I say. "Camila you don't get decide , I do and what I decide is that you stay with your dad and period!" Once a...

Is this book based on 'the game plan' movie cuz of the beginning