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Bone-ly Ness Is Overrated (Sans X Reader)

Bone-ly Ness Is Overrated (Sans X Reader)

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Sap/Sappy/Nyanling By SappyNyan52 Completed

The monsters have been liberated from the Underground by Frisk. You didn't mind the monsters, they were nice. You befriended Frisk, Toriel, Nabstablook,  Sans, Papyrus, Undyne, Alphys, Mettaton and Asgor once they the monsters had settled in. 
The monsters attended human history classes and the humans attended monster history classes. This idea was Frisk's idea to bring the humans and mosnters closer, but they didn't know how close it would bring you and Sans.
(Cover, undertale, and you do not belong to me)

The Salt and Paper diner ... Don't think it went right past me
Poor sans.
                              Well... He could always give the Ryan-guy a bad time.
Grillby: *Gets on one knee and pulls out a small, blue box* Will you...
                              Sans: *Whole skull goes blue* uh...
                              *Small pause*
                              Grillby: *Opens the box* *Long, white paper comes out* ...PAY YOUR FŲCKING TAB?!
                              Sans: lol, nope *Walks away like a badass*
LuciePettit LuciePettit Jul 06
Huh? No I should be playing Let it Go to annoy the crap out of people. :)
You named your goldfish sans and Papyrus?
                              That is just beyond amazing. Hats off to you.
Welp. That's not true. I miss the classes like all the time. (I am NOT proud of myself) so yeah...