My WereWolf King

My WereWolf King

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MissQueenJay19 By MissQueenJay19 Updated Dec 06, 2015

Midnight blue eyes stared back at me as I stared back.  The glint in his eyes told me that he thought I was joking, well this jackass has another thing coming.

"Excuse me , but could you repeat that again I think I misheard you there?" I said with both my hands on my hips.

"I said I want your huge round luscious ass bent over this table while I pound the Fu-" 

He didn't get to finish what he was saying, because I sucker punched his cocky ass in the face.  He fell to the ground hard; looking up at me, while holding his bruised cheek, the whole Diner went deathly quiet. 
Out of no where I felt this chilling vibe go up my spine. Looking around I saw everyone looking at me as if I just signed my death wish. Lifting a brow in confusion,  then I heard the most chilling and sexy chuckle in my life.
 Turn Back to the asshole that I punched I saw him getting up   and looking at me as if I was prey or something.
"Oh baby, you honestly don't know what you have just started." He said as he slowly walked towards me. And If it was even humanly possible I could have sworn that right at this very second that his eyes were turning from his beautiful blue color to pitch black.

I thought to myself only two things: "Holy shit" because I was both scared and turned on all at once.  And lastly "Dear God what have I gotten myself into, this time?"

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