The Runaway Brother (BoyxBoy)

The Runaway Brother (BoyxBoy)

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Cher By CherGrey Updated Feb 14, 2016

Skylar Peter Andrew and Maximillian Prosper Andrew were twins, born minutes apart. 

While Maximillian was the popular football captain of SparrowBirch High, Skylar was the quiet boy who sits in the middle of the classroom, keeping to himself. Although they're both Alpha children, Max feels like he should protect Skylar and he has no idea why. 

Until their eighteenth birthday, these two brothers had nothing in common. 

But when their wolves howl for their mate, they run in the exact same directions, only to discover that their soul mates were each other. 

Skylar was overjoyed, but Maximillian was not happy. 

What happens was that Sky left. Max was left with a regretful mind, knowing that he had made the worst mistake of his life. 

Will Max be able to win Skylar over again when he comes back home two years later?

(2nd book of the The Mate series. You don't really need to read the first book, it's perfectly fine if you don't.)


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BTShip BTShip Nov 02
I know a prosper...he's a freaking high school athlete, wins every single thing that has to do with sport
-abraxass -abraxass Jun 11
"I pushed him to the washroom as an excuse TO TOUCH HIM" i am having major déjà vu :000
candycandyfox candycandyfox Sep 10, 2016
It only matters when ur like 9 and ur lover is 40 then we have a problem
strawberryW16 strawberryW16 Jun 28, 2016
Grace_ShadowWolf Grace_ShadowWolf Apr 30, 2016
It's true. Why does it matter what kind of love it is?! I have two brothers who are gay and spend each and every moment with each other and I have to deal with both of them and I have to try to keep them away from doing weird things in the room!
62bubbles 62bubbles Jun 07, 2016
I may or may have not read that as Sparrowbitch. Max's fault.