Mettaton x Reader

Mettaton x Reader

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Riotic By Riotic Updated Jan 11

This is le one shot.... And guess what? 


Oooooooohhhh yeeessss~

Now, if your wondering why it's not tagged completed, well that's bc I might update with more lemony goodness oneshot shit..

Obviously language, sexual interactions, and extreme sexiness (lol)

Tringlio Tringlio Aug 04
* holds bridge of nose* 
                              Me: well... no!
                              *kicks him in the face with my fabulous legs!*
                              Me: bye bitch 
                              *waves and walks away swaying my hips*
                              Me: I've done my job here
ArtofSin ArtofSin Jun 29
If you move the "s" it says "who sins charge"
                              Just pointing that out
ArtofSin ArtofSin Jun 29
Ewww, you've wanted to drink my blood for a long time? I'd expect that from Shuu or one of those Twilight vampires, but not you, Metta.
fanficpan fanficpan Sep 04
Ikr! My undies r so pretty! You better not rip these off to CALVIN KLEIN ISNT DIRT CHEEP I SWEAR
ArtofSin ArtofSin Jun 29
Um, I think the Tokyo Ghoul lemon got lost in the wrong book
ArtofSin ArtofSin Jun 29
Um, slavery is illegal in my country, so (and I hate to say this)I can't belong to you. Sorry bout that