Mettaton x Reader

Mettaton x Reader

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Riotic By Riotic Updated Jan 11

This is le one shot.... And guess what? 


Oooooooohhhh yeeessss~

Now, if your wondering why it's not tagged completed, well that's bc I might update with more lemony goodness oneshot shit..

Obviously language, sexual interactions, and extreme sexiness (lol)

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ArtofSin ArtofSin Jun 29
Sorry sir, we're all out of that. However, may I offer you a glass of our finest H²O²?
Tringlio Tringlio Aug 04
* holds bridge of nose* 
                              Me: well... no!
                              *kicks him in the face with my fabulous legs!*
                              Me: bye bitch 
                              *waves and walks away swaying my hips*
                              Me: I've done my job here
Your not I charge of me, but for the sake of you not stopping, your in charge.
Oh God I'm gonna die! That face is never a good face on him!!
When he put his fingers in my mouth you should have put '(Y/N) bit harder and harder on his fingers and ripped them off teaching him not to put his fingers in (y/n)'s mouth' XD
fanficpan fanficpan Sep 04
Ikr! My undies r so pretty! You better not rip these off to CALVIN KLEIN ISNT DIRT CHEEP I SWEAR