Adopted By The Alpha.

Adopted By The Alpha.

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梅丽莎 By MelissaMontgomery4 Updated Oct 17, 2016

Aurora is 15 years old , he life was perfect until her world came crashing down on her.
Her mother died and her father became abusive.
Her father beats her if she talks back or even tries to defend her self.

Thankfully the neighbor's and school were tired of seeing the marks she gets taken away by the Child Protective Services and put into a shelter.
Where she isn't beat but bullied.

She finally gets adopted! By a loving Woman and her husband.
But they are hiding something so very important .

Read About Aurora's Life!

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caty428 caty428 Apr 26, 2017
That changes alot..Hey wanna meet at the ice cream place? :P
elephant44 elephant44 Jul 21, 2016
I like ure story.  I don't care if u got faults in ure story, I don't notice them , I don't mind if it's short the chapter. Ure doing great ☺
MaryLJones MaryLJones Jul 18, 2016
So I see that she still loves her dad even though he abused her, that is actually a mental health problem and could be a big part in the story. For example maybe Aurora later has to deal with loving but also hating her father when he gets out of jail and wants her back by any means necessary.
PassionOfMusic PassionOfMusic Jan 26, 2017
You're wrong. My mommy is dead and my daddy is a murderer. You might wanna be careful around me after all I'm still "Daddy's little girl" I could snap on you and you'll be just like mommy.....
MaryLJones MaryLJones Jul 18, 2016
I see some missing words, and some misspelled words as well. Just needs some polishing. Also I think you need some more description. Not a lot just things like was the lady coop over or younger, same goes for the home caretaker.
LuneraDeeRuna LuneraDeeRuna Apr 22, 2016
Maybee her brother is her mate and she turns out to be a late shifter or hybrid or something like that