5sos interracial preferences

5sos interracial preferences

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アラホルダー By crybabys- Updated 7 hours ago

". . . thick, tangled hair."
". . . dark, piercing eyes. . ."
". . . beautiful, brown skin . . ."

[Not everyone is a pale skinned blondie with blue eyes. . . Just saying]

This book is for the poc if you have a problem with that please leave.


This reminds me when a girl in my mom's class asked how to start a paragraph. 
                              At first I stared then responded with "with a capital letter" 
                              The whole class laughed and now she thinks I'm mean.👍🏾
KnJLover KnJLover Oct 06
Yep pretty much me... I watch too many KnJ videos so whenever I'm sarcastic It usually starts off with "Ok hey..." 😂