It's Not Easy Being Me

It's Not Easy Being Me

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lilmszssy7 By lilmszssy7 Updated Jun 11, 2011

Harmony and Melody Adams are identical twins, but they're complete opposites. Harmony, being the popular pretty one, and Melody being the not so popular not so attractive one. Melody likes to keep to herself, hide under her hood. The sisters are ALWAYS fighting, but when the last straw is picked things get a little complicated. Harmony and Melody decide that their lives are hard, and the other one is a piece of cake. So they declare a bet, they switch places, after all they are identical twins. Over time they learn alot about each other as well as themselves. They see what it feels like to be in the other person shoes. 

But in the end they learn that they both were right when they said, "Its not easy being me."

  • anger
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  • different
  • drama
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