The Alpha's Breeder (#Wattys2017)

The Alpha's Breeder (#Wattys2017)

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"It has taken me far too long to find you. How could I let go of you?" he rumbled softly as if in contemplation, "How could I reject the best part of me?" 

His voice is deep and velvety with a husky undertone that seems to become even more heated with every word he speaks. I find myself completely enthralled by his longing tone of voice.

"I will give you time, mate. But it does not mean I will stand by and watch you without attempting to...entice you," he rumbled out with this really sinfully erotic voice that caused my heart to stumble. 

I think he already got me where he wants me.

  In a world where hunters are taking over, hired by the government to rid of all otherworldly creatures on this earth, werewolves are on the verge of extinction, vampires barely in existence.
  Taking the brunt of the last attack on their kind, the reputable Red Dawn Pack was desperate for a turn around.
   Their last resort came in the form of one woman, the Alpha's Breeder.
   Known to be capable of birthing an army of sentinels and warriors for the pack, chosen by the Moon Goddess herself to save their kind.
   That is, if they find her.
   With time running out, will Alpha Eros Hall of Dark Moon Pack find his Breeder or will his pack become eliminated just like the rest?

Warning : Mature content, dark themes, sexual references.

The Cardinal Alpha Series : Book 1

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But ironically, teens these days do the botox, injections, plastic surgery, etc in order to look more mature, so much mature from their actual age..
lubria lubria Feb 28
@_kinglana that moment i saw you vote on this book so i was like oke going to read hahaha
snhreader snhreader Aug 09, 2016
I'm sorry, what? Most 28 year old dont have wrinkles, etc. Stop making us tweens seem older than we are :p
IheartSmilodon IheartSmilodon Jan 06, 2016
Sorry but this paragraph just reminds me of what a science question would ask. Anyone else?
elephant44 elephant44 Dec 08, 2015
I have already,  just started reading.  It sounds intriguing, and intresting