Assassination Class: To Fall in Love with the Prey

Assassination Class: To Fall in Love with the Prey

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Q-chan By Bleeding_Skittlez Updated Dec 11, 2016

Nagisa Shitoa transfers to Kunugigaoka High school as Level E student. Hiding the fact that he works for the government, the assassination division. He becomes a High School student to carry out an assassination, against #5478 known as Karma Akabane. 

Although, it seemed tricky to get a hold of him, he starts casually hints his friendship and bloodlust towards Karma. And succeeds, however feelings and emotions he had never had before begin to accumulate. What they call "love."
(Boy X Boy romance)

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O Nagisa
                              Nagisa mükemmel bir suikastçi
                              Nagisa'nın fazla harika gözleri var
                              Nagisa çılgın
                              Nagisa kıza benziyor
                              Nagisa gibi olamazsınız za .s
New episode please. ;) ;)
                              We are Turkish person. Yeyeyeyeyey.
No offense but I'm happy she was a witch in assassination classroom
Oh wow that book doesn't relate to you at allllllll nagisa (plz note the sarcasm)
ahlxss ahlxss May 15
"Shes dead"
                              Well so am I!I'm going to hell because she abused when she was alive!
Sums up basically everyone when they found out Nagisa was a guy XD