Assassination Class: To Fall in Love with the Prey

Assassination Class: To Fall in Love with the Prey

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Q-chan By Bleeding_Skittlez Completed

Nagisa Shitoa transfers to Kunugigaoka High school as Level E student. Hiding the fact that he works for the government, the assassination division. He becomes a High School student to carry out an assassination, against #5478 known as Karma Akabane. 

Although, it seemed tricky to get a hold of him, he starts casually hints his friendship and bloodlust towards Karma. And succeeds, however feelings and emotions he had never had before begin to accumulate. What they call "love."
(Boy X Boy romance)

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Tackjack420 Tackjack420 Oct 10
If they said this to me (not likely)I would be flipping them off 24/7
That was me watching the first episode. And me watching OHSHC and Baka and test
-yuichiro -yuichiro Oct 01
or you'll accidentally go walking into the street with no idea that you're actually there and get run over by a car - basically all of my friends
He is you boyfriend dobe. 
                              So you can't tell the future 
                              But still you should know 
                              Your boyfriend when you
                              See him. Am I right or am 
                              I right. I know you guys 
He's beauty
                              He's grace
                              He'll attempt to stamp Koro sensei in the face
-yuichiro -yuichiro Oct 01
Am I the only one who actually thought he was a guy in the first episode? lmao