Beautiful Slayer ♱ [l.s.]

Beautiful Slayer ♱ [l.s.]

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"Screw whoever says feminine guys are weak."


In an eerie town full of strange demonic activity, demon hunter Harry Styles sets out to destroy the hellbound creatures once and for all. 
Though instead of the normal rustic look of a male assassin he settles for edgy, floral, and pink clothing, lipstick, nail polish, gold heeled boots sparkle daggers?

When a
well-known slayer named Louis and his team come to town to help with the evil infestation he can't help but become drawn to the odd and flamboyant lone ranger. 


 (I don't really know if you consider this a fem!Harry because he's not female he's just feminine) 

This story is undergoing serious editing you have to bare with me.

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(Bromance Awards 2016)

Team Louis Toplinson

I'd get down, I'd get down on my knees for you.
                              I'd get down for the Girl Almighty
*Getting ready for school*
                              *Grabs flamethrower, pistols, bow, makeup, and iPod*
                              "Alright let's go to hell"