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The Hell He Created (SansXReader)

The Hell He Created (SansXReader)

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The Fallen One By TearingBlackness Updated Mar 23

Monsters have returned to the surface, but that barely concerns you. Your only focus is to work and stay in control. Don't feel, don't lose control. You've spent years perfecting this practice and you keep yourself cold to anyone who stands in the way.

A new employee at your work- a joking little skeleton - has a different idea for you.

Do you wanna taco bout it. Come, lettuce speak about your..... Beef situation, shell we?
Okay I don't understand what's happening. Does the magic hurt?
LuciePettit LuciePettit May 15
Look Sans, I know you're lazy but this is called work for a reason
ProphecyDragon ProphecyDragon a day ago
God, sounds so depressed. Not like me! I greet with a smile even if I hate there guts... or... sans is a skeleton so... hate his... face?
I'm pretty sure Kalia is an introvert. And introverted ppl do no talk to the extroverted sansyboo dork sitting next to them.
ProphecyDragon ProphecyDragon a day ago
He called me KILLER. That means he wants a smile/mouth full of knives! #GenocideForLife