Between the Stars || Jasper Hale [1]

Between the Stars || Jasper Hale [1]

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His hands cup Ana's cheeks, fingers sliding into her soft hair and she can't help but gasp at the sudden action when their foreheads press together, the space so small between them that if Jasper leaned down just a little bit more their lips would come together. 

"Don't," her eyes find his intense ones. "You ever think I regret saving you. I'd do it over again a thousand times if it meant you would be safe." 



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-VoidKat -VoidKat Jun 30, 2017
But yet if that were me holding out my hand, my sister would growl and try yanking out my hair
xoxoxoxobrunomars xoxoxoxobrunomars Dec 20, 2017
My twin does that to me she teases me saying how she's 2 minuets older it's so annoying
thatredeyedooddude thatredeyedooddude Sep 07, 2017
It sounds perfect, lots of rain and trees. Moody weather + nature = perfect chance to stare out the window and pretend to be in a sad music video
SolarisVoid SolarisVoid Nov 15, 2017
Charlie finally has a daughter who appreciates him and has a good relationship with him. Bella’s lack of appreciation for her father was one of the many reasons she was a bad protagonist.