Zodiac One-Shots

Zodiac One-Shots

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(May include mature material like violence, triggering topics and profanities so.. you've been warned!) 


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Libra(f) X Scorpio(f)
                              Camping together in Vermont because why not haha
                              Vermont is kinda like autumn-y and woodsy so...yeah. Thanks!
Aquarius (F) Aries (M) 
                              In love w/ each other madly that they'll die for one another.
                              Pff IDK Lol
Hazel_Is_Snowing Hazel_Is_Snowing 3 days ago
Leo(female) x Libra(male)
                              They both have huge crushes on eachother but they're very oblivious to it, and Pisces keeps trying to get them together.
                              Cancer is shy he opens up her btoken heart somehow
- - Jul 15
Aquarius (f) X Aries (m)
                              Love-Love relationship.      :)
Sylmarils Sylmarils Oct 15
Taurus (f) X Aries (m)
                              Scorpio (m) is insulting Taurus, and Aries looses his cool, but Taurus tells him to calm down. Then Scorpio starts insulting Aries and Taurus punches him in the face. The rest is up to you. (I have nothing against Scorpio's, I just had to choose a sign)