Teachers Pet a Princeton Love story STARRING YOU

Teachers Pet a Princeton Love story STARRING YOU

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I got out of one of my collage class and started to head for chemistry... yes I'm in collage people thought I couldn't do it but now I'm 20 and I prove them wrong... once I walked in I got a greet from somebody

"Hello What's your name???" 

"Goodmorning and I'm YN" I smiled then went to my seat... well he is fine af (As Fuck) he is light skinned, with an afro and a nice body.... Plus he half Mexican.. that's makes him so SEXXXYY! 

once the Whole class got here  all of the girls were drooling and whispering then it all stopped when he started to talk

"Hello Class, I am your teacher for now on... your other one got fired and they hired me I'm 23 and as you can tell half Mexican, I'm a fun teacher but don't get on my bad side" he said flashing a adorable smile  the girls started to fan their selfs and I heard a girl say

"OHHH he soo sexy he can get it..."

I looked at her and rolled mii eyes... Hoe!

he started to teach but i zoned out and  started to draw  on my paper


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nina_elli nina_elli Mar 20, 2017
When I zone out and they ask me that I tell out a random number
baymonkey7 baymonkey7 Mar 29, 2017
And yours  truly Princeton he always be last when day be taking and stuff in interviews
Nooooo baby its " Oh yes daddy go deeper" I need you to push farther in this POOSIE
PrettyLilJawn_ PrettyLilJawn_ Sep 03, 2016
Nahh...my academic strengths are SS  and science but math is my favorite
Andie_AmericanPsycho Andie_AmericanPsycho Dec 19, 2016
I think it's good she picked up a hobby. I've heard that making collages and scrapbooking are great time flyers
Andie_AmericanPsycho Andie_AmericanPsycho Dec 19, 2016
What is with these comments? Why are you on a second tier educational course if you don't wanna answer questions?