Lazy Bone Love // Undertale!Sans X Reader {Either Gender}

Lazy Bone Love // Undertale!Sans X Reader {Either Gender}

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【First Book in the LBL Series】
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((I am terrible at descriptions))

Monsters can finally go up in the surface. At first they weren't welcomed, but 3 months in and everyone has at least one monster buddy!

One day while going to Grillby's, you meet a certain skeleton. What happens when you fall for him, and he falls for you?

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I am on Wattpad reading this very story. It's a never ending loop
I would probably in this moment WHEN papyrus asks how I know his name would make a grin and say: How would I not know the name of THE GREAT PAPYRUS
*You Chose wattpad
                              *You see a fanfiction that tittles "Lazy Bone Love"
                              *You see the fourth wall slowly shattering
"Friendliness pellets" PPSSSHHH HAHA THATS A GOOD ONE *muttering* damn phyco flower
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                              Mind like 10 years old. ;3;
Everyone is saying their names...are you not concern that his eye flashed blue....? No? Okay carry on then.