Lazy Bone Love // Undertale!Sans X Reader {Either Gender}

Lazy Bone Love // Undertale!Sans X Reader {Either Gender}

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【First Book in the LBL Series】
Highest Rank; #138 in Fanfiction
((I am terrible at descriptions))

Monsters can finally go up in the surface. At first they weren't welcomed, but 3 months in and everyone has at least one monster buddy!

One day while going to Grillby's, you meet a certain skeleton. What happens when you fall for him, and he falls for you?

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Wait what? Aren't his flippers pink? Oh well this chapter is good nonetheless.  (;
No no no I want to order my meal
                              I'LL HAVE 2 NUMBER 9'S A NUMBER 9 LARGE A NUMBER 6 EXTRA DIP (and feel free to finish the rest of the meme for me pls because I lazy)
Sunsrae1516 Sunsrae1516 Feb 26
*insert broken fourth wall
                              *somehow manages to find THIS book on Wattpad
                              "Wha--!? I literally was just doing this.... Wait. Can I read my future?"
                              *continues to read
lemo0716 lemo0716 Mar 21
Rip author, everyone in the comment section is triggered af lol
TerrorRose TerrorRose Dec 28, 2017
How would that fit in my head?!?! Eyes the size of plates wait which kind????