Lazy Bone Love // Undertale!Sans X Reader {Either Gender}

Lazy Bone Love // Undertale!Sans X Reader {Either Gender}

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【First Book in the LBL Series】
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((I am terrible at descriptions))

Monsters can finally go up in the surface. At first they weren't welcomed, but 3 months in and everyone has at least one monster buddy!

One day while going to Grillby's, you meet a certain skeleton. What happens when you fall for him, and he falls for you?

*checks the comments* hmmmm everybody saw the slight color mistake aye??....
me:*on wattpad reading a sans x reader* 
                              sans: *cough*
                              me: *looks up and sees him*
                              sans: heya k-kid *looks creeped out*
                              me: uh... *realizes i've been staring and turns around to eat fries* #AwkwardMoments
ok author chan are u making his slippers green is pîss everyone off ?🤔🤔🤔🤔
Me Outside Of Fanfiction: Eh. Normal. 
                              Me Inside Of Fanfiction: What?!?!
KatieMcGame KatieMcGame Oct 21
Once I had my cousins over for some ocassion (sorry I don't remember it was a few years ago!) And I found a bottle of Heinz ketchup, grabbed it, and went full sans mode and drank it.