Draco Malfoy X Reader Do You love me

Draco Malfoy X Reader Do You love me

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ship_me By ship_me Updated 2 days ago

I was sitting in my room trying to do some new lyrics. I loved music. It was alweys really close to my heart.
When ever I was sad or happy, there was alweys hundreds of songs that I could sing.

I have done couple songs of my own as well. I Was trying to figure out the new lyrics to the this one song that I heard while ago. I think it was called "Little me". I just liked the message of the song. So I wanted to try make it with different lyrics. 

I was somehow in...lock? I just couldn't think out more words, so I went to downstares to go and see if there was any mail for me.It was nearly 10 a clock at night. 

As I went downstares I tryed to find my father or mother but I remembert they weren't home at the moment...I was happy that my parens had a real good job in the ministery of magick. But they were away from home so long...

I was happy that my parens were also really happy that I am a good singer and all...but... it wasn't fun when they alweys talked how good I was to the people t...

momo2245657 momo2245657 Oct 17
Dont be suprised you should read a book insted fo music....wait why are you writing music....oh god please dont have a rock band
momo2245657 momo2245657 Oct 17
Hi sweetie, I just thought you would want to know that it's "magic" and not "magick"! This isn't hate by the way, I am really loving your story! :D
YASS I hoped for elm wood and dragon heart string!! I d c what other ppl think this wand is absolutely PERFECT !!👌
ship_me ship_me Oct 16
Annie1254. I know that I'm not a good at english. But it dosn't mean that I can't do it. The same if you can't sing it dosn't mean you have to stop. And....you don't have to say it to me like that...that really hurt.
marzipanic marzipanic Oct 16
One tip, try to look up on the dictionary or you can google them all the time. So if you misspelled any word you could tell and fix it.