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"Welcome to the badlands, honey. Where you pour gasoline around you, then burn yourself alive."

[ extended summary inside ]
peeta mellark | catching fire

( Winner of Best Peeta Mellark Fanfiction in The Hunger Games fanfic awards )

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I'm liking this a lot, nice plot or so it looks like it, you might want to double check or get a beta reader, some of the words are in past tense and others in present in the same sentence, I don't know how to explain it but you should change it! Loving the story though!
amityflame amityflame Jan 30, 2016
im so pumped for this. I love halsey & im so excited to read this X
angelabelle5656 angelabelle5656 Jan 06, 2017
I searched her page and could not find a peeta fic. What is it called? I am totally obsessed with Peeta fics💗 Thank you and please continue your story!
My_Little_Me My_Little_Me Dec 27, 2015
THIS IS AWESOMEEE. I Love gasoline by halsey.
                              Omg keep writing
-catalyst -catalyst Dec 20, 2015
thanks for voting! :) i cant wait for updating the first actual chapter too!
wandasmaximoff wandasmaximoff Dec 20, 2015
thank you so much! this sounds so interesting, i can't wait to see where this goes!