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Hope (Harry Styles)

Hope (Harry Styles)

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Kasha By 1DaddictedXOX Completed

There was nothing that couldn't stop this guilt that was eating her alive.... Or so she thought.

ilysfm_harrystyles ilysfm_harrystyles Jun 28, 2016
The book is wonderful I stated reading and am now officially addicted
LynnCaron LynnCaron Feb 24, 2016
Started reading and could stop. Great start. I will comment again on the next chapter. Very good.
NoviReck NoviReck Feb 17, 2016
This, on first look, doesn't seem to be an out-of-the-ordinary story, but as I read through it, it felt different somehow. Maybe it was something about the writing style or maybe the characters, but I enjoyed every word of it. Good job!
princesstikii princesstikii Jan 07, 2016
I feel that one of this six bodies belongs to a sexy British curly boy
princesstikii princesstikii Jan 07, 2016
I love how since the beginning she has ear buds.. That's so me
princesstikii princesstikii Jan 07, 2016
I'm eating, that's why I'm taking so long in this chapter. Sorry haha