Jack Frost X Pitch Black

Jack Frost X Pitch Black

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A boy and a girl were coming down the street, walking slowly to avoid slipping and falling into the snow. Jack spied their movements from behind a parked car and snickered. The couple was a little older than his usual targets, they looked like students from the nearby community college, but it had been a long boring morning full of work and Jack never turned down the chance to have some fun.

He scooped up some snow from the car's hood and shaped it into a perfect sphere while waiting for an opportunity. The sun showed up from behind the clouds, sparkling off the frost covering everything in the street, and the boy's head turned around as something shiny at the corner of his vision distracted him.

Jack threw the snowball and hit the girl right on the nose. "Gotcha," he exclaimed, throwing his fist in the air and then quickly ducking behind the car as the girl wiped the snow from her eyes and the boy looked around for the culprit.

The girl glared at her friend for a moment, but then s...

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Fallen_autumn_leaf Fallen_autumn_leaf May 23, 2017
tdattner03 tdattner03 Nov 11, 2017
Poor Jack, don't worry. I know you're scared now, but soon enough, you'll fall in love! (You have to. It's the whole plot of the story lol.)
TallulahHoney TallulahHoney Apr 04, 2017
Can I just say
                              Pitch: Is it still me who makes you sweat? Am I who you think about in bed? 
                              Jack: yes..... *fantasise hardcore*
- - Nov 08, 2016
I'm trying SO HARD not to scream of happiness right now!!!!! AAAAHHHH!!!