Beyond My Reflection: House of Cards (Young Justice {Robin} Fanfiction)

Beyond My Reflection: House of Cards (Young Justice {Robin} Fanfiction)

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maggie By VintagePineapples Updated Feb 21, 2017

❝Every single hero has to start out looking like me and you.❞ --The Girl and The Dreamcatcher


Life is rough for any fourteen-year-old girl. But when you're Corinne Lance, life can mean so much more. 

Living in Star City under the guidance of her adoptive sister, a.k.a. The Black Canary,  you come home with bruises everyday. Losing her family at a young age is no picnic, but Cori learns to find refuge in new friends along the way.

One lucky Independence day, Corinne will learn the true purpose of being a part of a team. Will she find love? Family? Friendship? Read "House of Cards,"  to find out.

Book ONE in the "Beyond My Reflection"series.

Check out the Official Trailer here!:


DISCLAIMER: I do not own Young Justice or any of the plot or characters in it. 

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nanakiwi66 nanakiwi66 Dec 18, 2016
*slowly pokes head out* "there might something there that wasn't there before"
theStoryfangirl theStoryfangirl Apr 18, 2016
Aw. But Artemis is B07. Although, I guess in this fanfic, she's sort of replacing her soo