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Loving Taylor (girlxgirl)

Loving Taylor (girlxgirl)

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2bebrave By 2bebrave Completed

Rowan was convinced that her high school life would be ruined when her mother told her she would be attending St Mary's school for girls. 
Once there, all she wanted was to be like the other girls. They were all beautiful supermodels with perfect lives and boyfriends. And attending an all girls school didn't help her quest for the latter.
It's her senior year, and her final chance to be like all the other girls.
Rowans excitement for her final year, is crushed when Jada ends their friendship. Totally confused by it all, Rowan turns to Taylor.

The Loving Series:
Loving Taylor
Loving Rowan


Continue to follow the lives of Rowan and Taylor in Loving Rowan.

Loving Rowan

After having her heart broken Rowan runs away to college in the hopes that she can mend her broken heart and start afresh. 
The only problem with this is that she isn't quite sure that it is what she wants. 
Is there life after Taylor? And if so, is it a life she wants to lead? 
Trying to make sense of the turmoil she had to survive when discovering her first love, Rowan can't help but wonder if it was preparing her for greater tragedy.

Hell yeah you do! Boys are gross, while girls are just like BEWBS!
this is frighteningly accurate about the st mary's girls in my state
RileyKifer RileyKifer Oct 23, 2016
I liked the writing style in this, and how Rowan seems to have a well-developed voice. I think she's relatable, especially in terms of dealing with the pressure of finding a boyfriend. I love the closing sentence. It really makes for a unique twist.
GriffinWest GriffinWest Dec 26, 2016
Nah, you're just so gay you have guys fleeing in an attempt to keep their hearts from breaking.
kwonack10 kwonack10 Nov 10, 2016
How I don't need you I'm am queen of bad bitchica and you live in hoemerica
GriffinWest GriffinWest Dec 26, 2016
Oh you poor girl. My sis didn't kiss anyone till the middle of her senior year and now she's dated him a year.