Love me, Alpha

Love me, Alpha

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Amelia Han By amelialeehan Updated 21 hours ago

Rosabelle Winters is the most sweetest girl you could ever meet. She's the Beta in her pack and everybody adores her. She has almost everything she wants except one; her mate. 

A mate is your other half. Your sun and moon. Your soulmate. 

She's longed for her own mate ever since her childhood and has grown more excited for the never-ending love from her mate. Maybe that dream wasn't meant to be...

Sebastian Anderson is known through out the world for being the most heartless Alpha in history. He shows no emotion towards anyone but his family and even that's rare to see. He loathes the idea of a mate. He believes love only distracts you from becoming a true Alpha and plans to neglect his own. Lucky for him, he hasn't met his mate yet. Maybe it was time for a change...

On Rosabelle's 18th birthday, Sebatian is forced to attend. Every werewolf that hasn't found their mate is to attend according to the superior werewolf law. Sebastian shows up at the party with his usual dark attitude when a scent catches his attention. Rosabelle's. 

In a moment of daze, he kidnaps Rosabelle and traps her in his pack, keeping her away from her life. Rosabelle doesn't complain, too focused to be showered by her mate's love, only to be showered by cruelty and coldness. 

What will happen to the heartless Alpha and the sweet Beta? Would they fall in love or end up alone? Which would be a better ending for them?

jinymarylee jinymarylee Apr 24
My god, I'm reading this for the second time and I still thought the same thing!
Thanks for the update. Can't wait for more chapter to come. 😊😊😊
Thanks so much for the update!! Can't wait for more!! Much love!! xoxoxo
KarenKelly0 KarenKelly0 Nov 04
For English not being your 1st language you are doing GREAT!!!
Please update. ☺☺☺ I can't wait for the next happenings! 😁😁😁
SAME!  I hated reading and writing for kindergarten and first grade.  Then u went to the library and found to magical series that changed my life.  Harry Potter and Percy Jackson